Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Booking Hunts For Fall 2011

Duck and goose hunts in Saskatchewan are in high demand and we only have a few spots open for the fall waterfowl hunting season so contact us today to reserve your spot! Call Mike at (403) 807-9939 or Email Hunt@prairiesedgeoutfitting.com or visit our website at http://www.prairiesedgeoutfitting.com/ for more info.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Waterfowl Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada

Duck and Goose Hunting in Saskatchewan

Duck and goose hunting in Saskatchewan is world renowned, and for good reason!  Did you know that 1 out of every 4 ducks in North America comes from Saskatchewan?  We also have the largest duck population in all of Canada!  Waterfowl hunting just doesnt get any better than this!  Since we start hunting ducks and geese in early Sept. and we are located so far north the birds simply are not pressured at all.  This makes for some of the best waterfowl hunting found anywhere in the world!  Unpressured ducks and geese decoy nicely and always come to the call.  Make no mistake these are not stupid birds, so we still have to hide our blinds well and be proficient callers.  However waterfowl hunting is much easier here in Saskatchewan than other places in the world.  The birds we hunt range from the giant Canada goose to ross's geese to pintails and widgeon.  we also hunt the waterfowling staple bird, the mallard, and white fronted geese or speckle bellies as well as sandhill cranes and snow geese.  Whatever your prefrence for waterfowl hunting we can accomodate you.  Prairies Edge Outfitting offers some of the worlds finest waterfowl hunting and we would love to have you come join us and experience it for your self!  We are Saskatchewans hardest working waterfowl hunting outfitter and our enthusiasm and passion are unmatched.  We are a young waterfowling team full of energy and ambition and we will do everything possible to ensure that your waterfowl hunt is one to remember.  We hope you come back year after year to experience the unbelievable duck hunting action, and the in your face goose hunting excitement!
Waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan typically consists of hunting a field in the morning for geese and a small pothole or wetland for ducks in the afternoon.  However dont be surprised to limit out on ducks and geese in the morning.  This happens quite often to our waterfowl hunters.  If you do limit out on your morning hunt then our best afternoon option is to hunt for snow geese.  Other afternoon options on a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt include preadator hunting.  The coyote population can always use some management.  Some of our waterfowl hunters choose to simply relax, or they might wat to do some scouting with their guides.  This is a fun way to experience first hand how much work goes into an outfitted waterfowl hunting adventure.  Your guides, outfitter, and spotters all work together as a team to find the birds, get landowners permission, watch the birds and make sure everything is perfect, and then finally setup a hunt in that location.  

Scouting is critical to your waterfowl hunt, even in Saskatchewan.  You have to find out where the ducks and geese are feeding if you want to have a successful hunt.  Our spotters are chasing the geese and ducks daily to keep tabs on where they are roosting and where they are feeding as well as what fields are being harvested and are there new birds migrating into the area?  Waterfowl hunting can really be described as an art form.  It takes time and effort and passion for hunting ducks and geese to make it all come together.  Scouting is only the first step along the way next is permission.  If you want to hunt ducks and geese in Saskatchewan or anywhere in Canada you will most likely be hunting on private land.  This requires you to obtain permission from the landowners.  Prairies Edge Outfitting works hard year around to keep in good standings with the local landowners because that is what will make or break your waterfowl hunt.  If you find the ducks and geese but you are not able to hunt them it defeats the purpose of scouting.  Once permission is given and a choice is made to hunt that spot the next morning or afternoon you must set up properly.  Having a good waterfowl outfitter and guide is the key to success here.  Experienced waterfowl hunters know that the better your blinds are hidden the better your hunt will be.  Stubble needs to be raked up to cover the blinds, decoys need to be placed according to the wind and blind position.  Your waterfowl hunting guide and outfitter will make sure that everything is perfect to ensure success.  This is our job and this is what we do.  After the finishing touches are put on the spread we wait for the birds to arrive.  Ducks usually come in first and the action is fast and furious.  in the field we commonly shoot mallards and pintails.  Over water we will have teal, widgeon, and redheads coming into the decoys.  Next the geese come in.  There is nothing more exciting than a group of giant canada geese decoying perfectly witht their feet out and wings cupped, right in front of the blinds.  This is the moment a waterfowl hunting guide lives for!  Once you see it you will come back to Saskatchewan for ever.  Waterfowl hunting is never the same after you visit Prairies Edge Outfitting.  We provide you with the best hunting you could ever ask for.  So if you want to see it for yourself contact us and we will book your spot now.
Call Mike @ (403) 807-9939 or Email Prairies Edge Outfitting:  Hunt@prairiesedgeoutfitting.com

We are booking up so if you want to hunt in 2011 you need to contact us today!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Spring Snow Goose Hunting In Saskatchewan

Spring snow goose hunting is a great opportunity for waterfowl hunters.  Every spring when the ducks and geese return to Saskatchewan the lakes and fields are filled with birds and it makes waterfowl hunters happy!  If only we didn't have to wait for fall to roll around again.  Well come to Saskatchewan Canada and hunt spring snow geese with Prairies Edge Outfitting this hunt takes place during April and May every year and the hunting is a blast!  Skies are literally filled with snow geese!   Hunting in the fall for waterfowl is an absolute must but hunting snow geese in the spring makes the time between seasons much more bearable.  If you are passionate about waterfowl hunting and wait all year to get back in a goose blind, then you owe it to yourself to come hunt with Prairies Edge Outfitting http://www.prairiesedgeoutfitting.com/ this spring.  Liberal limits high success rates and warm spring weather makes spring snow goose hunting in Saskatchewan Canada with Prairies Edge Outfitting an exciting vacation.  These hunts cost $350./Person/day with a minimum 3 day hunt

Contact Mike McLane at (403) 807-9939 for more details or email Prairies Edge Outfitting at Hunt@prairiesedgeoutfitting.com
Or visit our website at http://www.prairiesedgeoutfitting.com/

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goose Hunting In Saskatchewan, Whats the big deal?

Goose Hunting In Saskatchewan
Goose hunting in Saskatchewan is awesome!  Low human population, Huge amounts of farmland, Huge amounts of wetlands and lakes, and the location (right in the heart of the central flyway) all combine to make waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan the best of the best.  Giant Canada Geese call this Canadian province home so if your looking for some good shooting, or a trophy sized bird to take to the taxidermist Saskatchewan is where you want to come to hunt geese.  Vast tracts of treeless farm land is what SK is famous for and these fields are a perfect feeding ground for ducks and geese.  Peas are the crop of choice and this works well for hunting because the peas are usually the first to be harvested in the fall, right before the season opens.  Second choice is barley or any silage cut fields.  The ducks and geese roost on the large water bodies for the night then fly out to the fields in the morning.  The way we hunt waterfowl is easy.  You watch them come off the roost water and follow them to the field.  Once a field is spotted with enough ducks or geese to hunt, then the farmer/landowner must be contacted and permission is asked for and usually given without any problems.  Once we have permission this is what we call a hunt "in the bag" and we will continue to watch it until we want to hunt it.  At Prairies Edge Outfitting we always watch a hunt the morning or afternoon right before we hunt it.  We want to make sure that nothing goes wrong at the last minute so that your waterfowl hunt will be one that you can remember as the best hunt ever.  You might wonder what can go wrong at the last minute?  Well a coyote can run the geese off, a poacher can drive by and start shooting, or maybe the birds decided to switch fields that day for some unknown reason.  Whatever the case may be our experienced spotters and guides will always have a few options and tricks up their sleeves to give you the waterfowl hunting adventure of a lifetime.  Spotting can take alot of time and man power and that is only the beginning of your goose hunt!  after you find the geese, you have to get permission, then watch them to determine if there is a good huntable number, then you have to actually setup and hunt!  This is alot of fun, but also alot of work.  The best option then is to book a hunt with a good, hard working waterfowl hunting outfitter such as Prairies Edge Outfitting We take the stress and hard work out of duck and goose hunting in Saskatchewan and make it an enjoyable experience!!  All you have to do is wake up in the morning ready to hunt and you can be assured that the professional waterfowl guides at Prairies Edge Outfitting will have an awesome hunting location picked out for you to go goose hunting that morning.  They will let you do what you do if your an old pro, or they will walk you through every step if your new to the waterfowl hunting world.  We are committed to providing waterfowl hunters with an enjoyable experience in and out of the field.  Fast paced shooting action is the standard order of the day.  Flock after flock of mallards and pintails will be in at first light with the Canada's not far behind!  On a good mixed bag hunt we will get some speck and snow goose action as well.  Liberal limits and an abundance of unpressured birds what more could a waterfowl hunter want?  Come to Saskatchewan to hunt geese and we promise you wont be disappointed!     

Do you want to experience the best duck and goose hunting of your life?? Then hunt Saskatchewan, Prairies Edge Outfitting offers world class waterfowl hunting

Waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada is unbeatable!  If you want the worlds best goose hunting and duck hunting action then you owe it to yourself to experience a fully guided waterfowl hunt with Prairies Edge Outfitting.  The population of waterfowl in our hunting area is as high as it has ever been and since we are so far north, we get to hunt the birds before anyone else does.  What does that mean?  Basically that means stupid birds!!  Geese landing on your blind, Mallards diving into the decoys while hunters are standing around talking, stopping shooting only long enough to reload your shotgun.  These are the experiences of waterfowl hunters that head north to Saskatchewan, Canada.  Hunting ducks and geese in Saskatchewan is a real treat and if you want more info check out our website at http://www.prairiesedgeoutfitting.com/

Friday, January 14, 2011

Delta Waterfowl - Ducks Unlimited Competition Drives Innovation

Rob Olson talking about the future of ducks and duck hunting. Click on the link below to read the article

Delta Waterfowl - Ducks Unlimited Competition Drives Innovation
Prairies Edge Outfitting is a proud member of Delta Waterfowl and you should be too!

Waterfowl Hunting Video

Hunting ducks and geese in Saskatchewan is action packed! Hope you enjoy our video!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waterfowl Hunters You Need To Take Advantage Of Our Early Bird Discount!

We offer an early bird discount to any one that books a waterfowl hunt before march 1st so hunters should take advantage of this opportunity to save money and booking early allows you to get your choice of dates before they get booked up!  Prairies Edge Outfitting has a 3 day hunting package for $2300 USD but if you book before march 1st it is only $2000 USD.  More info is available on our website at www.prairiesedgeoutfitting.com  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Waterfowl Hunting In Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada offers some of the best waterfowl hunting found anywhere in the world!  Welcome to Waterfowl Hunting With Prairies Edge Outfitting.  We are Saskatchewans hardest working outfitter and we hope this blog will help you understand a little bit about what its like to hunt ducks and geese in Saskatchewan.  We will keep you up to date on whats happening in the waterfowl hunting world, post pictures from our hunts, post any special offers or deals we have, as well as hunting videos and stories to keep you entertained.  Hope to hunt with you some day and thanks for visiting our blog.

Duck Hunting In Saskatchewan